About Our Certification

RVAH Certification Details for Incredible Tiny Homes

Recreational Vehicle & Alternative Housing, L.L.C

Code Review & Inspection
Process Overview:

  • Total dead load weight of the structure is calculated and given to trailer manufacture.
  • Live loads (wind, snow, earthquake, etc.) considered are calculated as to the Region of the unit’s worst case scenario.
  • Each stage of construction is videotaped and reviewed to ensure applicable codes are met.
  • Included in the videotape is a review of rough structure frame prior to insulating the structure.
    • Structure Fasting to Trailer
    • Rough Framing
    • Window Insulation
    • Rough Plumbing
    • Wiring
    • Roofing Sub straight
    • House Wrap
    • Heating Duct System
    • Ventilation System
  • Insulation we run a “Res Check” Report on each home depending on Region. All Homes are inspected and required to meet or exceed requirements.


  • All manufacturer specifications are installed per specifications and review for compliance.
  • Copy of specifications are supplied in the final packet along with video support of the insulation procedure used. All finishes are reviewed to comply with the final region for worst case scenario weather conditions.
  • Final inspection is done after all items are complete in order to ensure the house meets all the International building, international mechanical, international plumbing code, electrical codes along with ANSI/ASHRAE/IES.
  • Except: Minimum room areas (R304), Ceiling Height (R305), Toilet, Bath, Shower spaces (R307), flood resistant construction (R324).
  • By nature of the construction, these items cannot be reused under the

   International building code.

After all inspections are complete the home owner is provided with a compliance manual.

*RVAH Certification not included in custom/workshop build price*

*RVAH Certification (Upgrade $1500)

Meet the Staff Behind Our RVAH Certification:

Todd S. Quatro, the owner of Quatro Construction, L.L.C, attended Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, Michigan. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Constructional Engineering and has over 30 years in the construction industry. His experience includes project design, project management, field engineering, negotiating contracts and change orders, developing and maintaining project schedules and enforcing quality control. Todd has been involved in a vast range of projects from fueling stations to power plants.

Rianna Szatkowski, Senior Estimator, She joined Quatro Construction immediately following her graduation. She is responsible for designing drawings in AutoCAD, for city submittals, landscape designs per city Ordinance and rendering buildings/sites for clients.
She received a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Art & Architecture from Lawrence Tech University in 2004. From 2000 to 2004 Rianna worked at Abbott’s Landscape nursery, providing consultations and designs for clientele, while also doing some of the install work. In
the fall of 2004, she came on board at Quatro Construction, LLC, as a Cad Operator. She has moved up and now is responsible for design, code review and creation of working drawings, including landscape, building design, elevation design and other aspects of the submittal
process. She also creates renderings for the clients to better understand their project and have posters created if the client requests.

Valeriya Ryabova, our designer, attended the Engineering Construction Institute in Kharkov, USSR. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Structural Engineering and has more than 35 years of
experience in design work. Valeriya’s experience includes Designing, Drafting, Architectural Layouts, Drawings and Specifications, Auto-CADD Project Planning, Calculations and Quality

Robert Noe, our Architect, attended the University Of Notre Dame. Robert is a registered Architect and has over 35 years’ experience in the Architectural Field. His experience includes Architecture, Concept Development, Interior/Exterior Design, Graphics and Photography.