Incredible Tiny Homes University

Enroll in our Tiny Home University, a 7 day and 6-night intensive workshop, where in the end, you leave with a complete Incredible Tiny Home!! (ex: 16-ft*:  $18,440 plus upgrades)  Our workshop price includes:  dry in, supervisor and room & board for the week.

Enjoy homecooked meals, complimentary tool usage & our dorm room style accommodations are all included.

When you leave Tiny Home University, you leave feeling accomplished and confident, knowing that you have built your Incredible Tiny Home with your own 2 hands!

Check Out The Saving!!!!

Workshop Base Prices Compared to Our Custom Built:

16-ft.:  $18,440 plus upgrades——–$25,000 plus upgrades

18-ft.:  $21,710 plus upgrades——–$28,750 plus upgrades

20-ft.:  $24,820 plus upgrades——–$32,500 plus upgrades

22-ft.:  $27,930 plus upgrades——–$36,250 plus upgrades

24-ft.:  $31,040 plus upgrades——–$40,000 plus upgrades

26-ft.:  $35,350 plus upgrades——–$44,950 plus upgrades

28-ft.:  $39,020 plus upgrades——–$49,900 plus upgrades

30-ft.:  $43,330 plus upgrades——–$54,850 plus upgrades

32-ft.:  $47,000 plus upgrades——–$59,800 plus upgrades

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What comes standard in my tiny build?

Your Incredible Tiny Home Build will include our base model items, upgrades available for an additional cost:

  • Trailer with brakes on all 4 wheels
    • [ex: a16-foot trailer will have dual axles with 6,000-pound payload each] [axles and payload will increase accordingly to length of tiny home size]
  • 2 Lofts
    • King sized loft with outlets and 2 recessed ceiling lights
    • Twin sized loft with outlets and 2 recessed ceiling lights
    • 1 Removable wood ladder to access loft(s)
  • White pine tongue and groove wood on walls and ceiling
  • ¾ inch Kentucky Hardwood Flooring [3 color choices]
    • Light (Natural)
    • Medium (Butterscotch)
    • Dark (Winchester)
  • Your choice of half glass or full glass door
  • All white vinyl single hung windows with screens [no grids]

Your choice of Roof Styles:

  • Steep Gable:  triangle shape at the end of the roof (as seen on The Legend)
  • Shed Gable:  square shape at the end of the roof (as seen on Sierra City & Sutter Creek)
  • Shed Roof: slanted roof on one side of tiny homes

Your choice of 3 Exterior Sidings:

*Due to the limited period of this workshop, painting or staining cannot be done. However, if you do want to have your home painted, we can refer you to a professional painter to schedule painting at a later date.


Exterior Siding Upgrade [no paint or stain]:

  • Standard Exterior with 2 Reverse Gables (upgrade $1500)
  • American Freedom Style Exterior (upgrade $3000)

Hardwood Flooring Upgrade:

  • Grey Hardwood Flooring (upgrade $300)
  • Multi-Color [Incredible Tiny Homes Mix of Color Choices] (upgrade $500)

*Customer is to purchase all appliances/special materials above the base model and have them shipped to our warehouse for installation.

Want a larger Incredible Tiny Home and upgrades?

No Problem! You can still build an Incredible Tiny Home in 7 days with some minor adjustments and planning. Give us a call, or send us an email.

Available Workshop Dates for 2017:

April 2nd – April 9th

May 14th – May 21st

June 4th – June 11th

July 16th – July 23rd

August 13th – August 20th

September 10th – September 17th

October 8th – October 15th

November 5th – November 12th

December 3rd – December 10th

Pricing & Payment

Enroll in our Tiny Home University and leave with a complete Incredible 16-foot Tiny Home of your own!!

Tiny Homes are available in 2-foot increments, from a 16-foot to 32-feet.

Deposits and cost for any added upgrades are due 60 days prior to the ITHU build date booked. Deposits are to be paid by cash, check, money order, or wire transfer. Learn more about our deposits in our FAQs.

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