Tiny Home University FAQs

What about a floor plan for the workshop?

  • Just send in a rough sketch of the floor plan to begin the workshop process.

What dates can I enroll in ITHU?

ITHU is held monthly January – November. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule, however, we appreciate your flexibility as we work to fill reservations.

To Begin Your Build:

  • Incredible Tiny Homes requires the deposit plus upgrades before your trailer and all materials for your build will be ordered.
  • When you arrive to the workshop your home will be dried-in and any extra “a la carte” work will be completed or will be completed during the workshop week.

How do the ITHU deposits work?

  • Deposits and added upgrade cost will be accepted once signed contract has been received.
  • Deposits and cost for any added upgrades are due (60 days) prior to the ITHU build date you have booked.
  • Deposits are to be paid by cash, check/money order, cashier’s check, or wire transfer.

Deposit Amounts for ITHU:

  • 16-feet: $13,440 plus upgrades
  • 18-feet: $15,620 plus upgrades
  • 20-feet: $17,800 plus upgrades
  • 22-feet: $19,980 plus upgrades
  • 24-feet: $22,160 plus upgrades
  • 26-feet: $24,340 plus upgrades
  • 28-feet: $26,520 plus upgrades
  • 30-feet: $28,700 plus upgrades
  • 32-feet: $30,800 plus upgrades

When is the remaining balance of my Incredible Tiny Home due?

  • Remaining balance is due 7 business days prior to delivery and pick up of your home.
    • Remaining balance can be paid via wire, check/money order, or cashiers check.

How many Build Buddies will I need?

Well it depends on what size Incredible Tiny Home you want to leave with at the end

  • For a 16 to 20-foot build, you will need yourself plus two build buddy
  • For a 22 to 26-foot build, you will need yourself plus three build buddies
  • For a 28 to 30-foot build, you will need yourself plus four build buddies