This offer is made on a limited basis, and is not a guarantee to lend.
This offer is subject to change or cancelation without notice.

Offer to lend is for Incredible Tiny Homes Incred-I-Box 2.0 or Incredi-I-Cottage Style Tiny Homes Only
Application for loan is NOT guaranteed and is subject to approval by ITH Finance, Owners or other parties and may be
denied without cause or justification.

Loan approval is based on customer purchasing and signing a contract to build an Incred-I-Box 2.0 or Incred-I-Cottage Style Tiny Home.

What is required and basic terms:

    • The finance offer is for ONLY the Incred-I-Box 2.0 or Incred-I-Cottage Style Tiny Homes
    • The loan is a 0% interest loan, this is a personal loan of a simple kind.
    • A minimum $5,000.00 down payment is required at the time of the loan agreement. Actual down payment will
      depend on Model, Size and cost of model choice.
    • A $1,500.00 processing fee will be applied to each loan.
      • The processing fee will be payable in $500.00 monthly fees. Beginning at the time the loan agreement is signed.
      • The first three (3) monthly payments will be applied to the processing fee, with the following monthly payments applied to
        loan amount.
    • Monthly payments in the amount of $500.00 or more are due and payable each month until the loan is paid in full.
    • Monthly payment will only be collected through the online app, AppFolio, no direct payments by check, money order or other means will be accepted.
  • The following MUST be submitted with the Pre-Application:
    • Copy of current credit score (Free credit scores are available through Credit Karma, Experian, and other online sources)
    • Proof of income (Prior year Tax Forms, 3 months or more of proof of income, or other forms)
    • Copy of current State Issued Driver’s License, State issued ID, or another form of Official ID
    • Copy of current utility bills (Electric, Gas, Water, etc.)
    • Available collateral:
        • Titles to Vehicles, Boats, Motor Homes, Travel Trailer, etc.)
        • Personal Items, such as Jewelry, other assets, Investments, Artwork, Precious Metals, etc. (Proof of value must be submitted to be considered as collateral)
        • In the event any item(s) used as collateral for the loan should be sold, disposed of, loss of value occurs, or otherwise is no longer considered loan collateral, the applicant MUST notify ITH Finance, LLC a minimum of 15 days from the event. ITH Finance, LLC reserves the right to call the balance of the loan in full, with payment being made within 30 days.


    • If no collateral is provided:
      • 5 letters of reference from personal character references. Letters should include years known, relationships, etc.
        • Personal References are NOT co-signers to the loan, nor do they share any responsibility financial or otherwise.
  • Applicant will sign a non-disclosure agreement, which will include the agreement to NOT use any form of social media to comment, defame or otherwise cause harm to ITH Finance, LLC. or Incredible Tiny Homes, Inc.
  • A GPS tracking device will be attached to the Tiny Home before the acceptance by the buyer. The GPS device is required to remain in place, maintained as needed, as well as powered during the entire length of the loan. Removal can and will cause ITH Finance to call the loan in full at that time.
  • The current location MUST be known at all times, should the owner move Tiny Home during the term of the Loan, a written notice MUST be filed with ITH Finance a minimum of 15 days before any movement of Tiny Home. Failure to notify ITH Finance can and will cause ITH Finance to call the loan in full at that time.
  • Proof of Insurance, showing ITH Finance, LLC as lean holder must be submitted before the delivery of Tiny Home.
  • The title of Tiny Home will be held by ITH Finance, LLC until the satisfaction of the loan has been met.
  • Electricity MUST be maintained to Tiny Home; Tiny Home may not have a loss of electricity for more than 7 days.
  • ITH Finance, LLC may require a Credit check and/or Background Check for loan approval. If it is determined that either or both are needed the fees will be paid by the applicant in advance.

Build time for the Incred-I-Box 2.0 or Incred-I-Cottage Tiny homes can range from 6 to 12 months, with no guarantee of a completion date.

Download or Print a copy of the above requirements

Download or Print SAMPLE Copy of Loan Application

 Download or Print Loan Application Form

If you wish to submit a Loan Application for consideration:

  • Download and save form
  • Open and complete the form, and save
  • Email:
    with the Loan application and ALL required documentation attached

Please note: All required documents MUST be submitted with the Loan Application form, failure to provide the above required information and documents
will result in denial for consideration of a loan.