Incredible Tiny Homes
is pleased to offer the
following Solar &
off-Grid Options
for our Tiny Homes

Looking for Solar for an Incred-I-Box 2.0, please
check the individual style page for price and info.

Solar Packages

We offer the following Add-on Solar Package for the:
Incred-I-Cottage & the Woody

1 – 5000 Watt Inverter / Charger
      120 volt ac, 48 volt dc input from battery bank

4 – Solar panels
      300 – 350 watt (varies by supply)

1 – 5,000 watt Lithium Battery


Looking to add more to your Solar experience?
Check out the available add-ons
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Check out our Newest and complete Off-Grid Power Solution
The Incredible Portable Power Unit (IPP)

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Off-Grid Add-Ons

Compost Toilet  $1,200.00

Tankless Water Heater w/ 30 LP Propane Tank   $1,800.00

Both for $2,500.00

Water Catchment System

 100 Gallon Tank, Pumps, Water Catchment


For available Solar options for our MODEL Homes

Please contact a member of our
ITH Sales Team